Evensen, Terje


Released Phrased Silence Pd conceptions’s debut album.
Released Digital directions (Compilation album)
Gigging in New Zealand, England, Germany, and Norway
Mixed and produced Phrased Silence
Mixed and programmed electronics on the track Cyclorama (Digital directions)


Released SpinMarvel
Played at the World Exhibition in Nagoya, Japan
Gigging in Germany, England and Norway incl. Natt Jazz Festival.
Mixed and programmed electronics on SpinMarvel’s album
Drummer for soundtrack of short film Medium Raw by Morten Hovland


Released Mishka Pd conception’s second album.
Released Our Prolonged Black Rebirth Album with Alpine Those Myriads?
Gigging in Germany, Austria, England, Norway.
Mixed and produced the album Home
Collaboration with Alpine those Myriads?


Released Home Bark’s debut album.
Gigging in Germany, Liechtenstein, England and Norway incl. Jazzrally-Düsseldorf and Filosofi festivalen.
Collaboration with Matthias Mainz’s Realtime Research.
Collaborated with Norwegian actor Pelle Ask: Mime and improv/contemporary music.
Sound engineer for multimedia performance Rå Sløyfe by Martin Slaatto.
Launched the label BARKMUSIC with Angeline Conaghan.


Gigging Norway with The. KØP.
Recorded and mixed album with The Pioneers.
Released a single “Constellations” with BARK.
Toured with Sam(p)ling. (Turnéorganisasjonen for Hedmark).
Bought a new exhaust pipe for his car.


Released “For those who have everything” with Kolbeinsen/Evensen.
Released “The. KØP” with The Køln-Oslo Protocol.
Gigs with BARK in London.
Collaborated with dancer and choreographer Adesola Akinleye


Released solo album “Still you. You still here” as the first netalbum