Green, Anthony

He started composing at an early age but did not study harmony and counterpoint until the age of 15. Composition was intermittent until his early twenties; Messiaen´s «Vingt regards» inspired him to start composing seriously – other influences were Busoni, particularly the Second Sonatina, and Schönberg, particularly the Op. 33 piano pieces; however, the first piece he acknowledges was not written until 1974-5 («Piano Piece»). He started writing serial music but later has used a technique of continuous developing variation of a basic musical idea involving a mathematical permutation of intervals. This is applied in Piano Sonata No. 2 (1985-6), a single movement work lasting 35 minutes, all based on one melodic idea – the work he regards as having found his own voice for the first time.

Works include 4 piano sonatas (No. 4 entitled «Homage to Sartre»), many shorter piano solos, pieces for piano duet and two pianos, chamber music including 4 works for string quartet, «In Nomine» for string trio, 3 sonatas for violin and piano, a trio for clarinet, cello and piano, pieces for vibraphone and piano, «Pentaptych» and «Little Symphony on the name J. S. Bach» for orchestra, «The Slowworm of Lenty» (J. C. Powys) for soprano, flute, clarinet and cello.

Publishers: Modus Music and fonorum.