pd conception

Track 9

Ingvo Clauder – Piano
Terje Evensen – Percussion/drums
Anders Tveit – Live Electronics

pd conception is a free improvisational electro-acoustic trio exploring new languages in contemporary music with their strong focus on phrasing, form and timbre. They are: Questioning the Status Quo of contemporary music.

pd conception started up in London in 2001, with founding members Liechtenstein pianist Ingvo Clauder and Norwegian drummer Terje Evensen. They shared a common concept and vision of improvised music, and after playing gigs around London, they headed into a studio in 2002 to record nine entirely improvised pieces in one singular take. Following this, they hooked up with Anders Tveit (Norway), an Electro Acoustic music composer and improviser. They asked him to re-compose the nine improvisations using only the recorded material, thus creating nine new pieces. This became their debut double album aptly titled phrased silence, and released in 2004 on the contemporary music label fonorum. The double album got great reviews in magazines such as The Wire (6/05) and Jazzwise (2/05)