pd conception

Track 9

Their new album Mishka is perhaps even more organic, and sensuous than its predecessor “phrased silence”. The main asset of these astonishing albums is, naturally, the playing and musical interweaving between these outstanding musicians. Never focusing on personal brilliance, their sound is melted together into one large instrument, creating a resonance that is uniquely theirs. They label their sound as organic unity, always staying true to a shared philosophy of art and music. They are conscious about the roles each instrument/instrumentalist must fill, but they are equally willing to swap roles if it is beneficial to the overall feel and sound of the piece they are working with. Their main goal is to focus on form and to make good improvised music ñ grand and epic improvised music – free from the orthodox conventions one inevitably finds tagged onto every genre. There are no taboos in the world of pd conception. But there is certainly the presence of a well-developed vision.

This latest album is filled with totally free improvised music performed live at Ibsenhuset in Skien (Norway). It is also a concept album of sorts, leaving it all up to the imagination of the attentive listener to fill out the narrative contents cunningly suggested by evoking titles such as Mishka’s Letter, The Hermaphrodite, and Icon. Mishka is scheduled for release in October 2006.

pd conception has performed in a variety of different venues in England, Austria and Germany, and at festivals like: Henie Onstad Art Center 2004, Oslo; Nattjazzen 2005,Bergen; Klangfest 2005 and 2007, Liechtenstein. And also at the Elektronische Nacht 2006 der Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Stuttgart.