Anthony Green at 60

Anthony Green

fonorum 8002 • 2006-01-27

Anthony Green at 60’ – piano music performed by the composer.

Sonata No. 3,
Beinn Sponnaidh,
Variations on a Note-row by Ingvo Clauder,
in Memoriam John Bingham

This CD from the music platform fonorum is a major portrait of Anthony Green, containing five of his works.
Perhaps a listener new to Green’s music could start with the shorter pieces like Beinn Spionnaidh (MM279 £3.30) in which a ‘Scotch snap’/piobaireachd melodic idea starts a melody over slow, steady chords. This melody then develops into counterpoint of more rhythmic complexity in an evocative depiction of nature also present in some of his other pieces (not on the CD) inspired by Scotland and Dartmoor. Another short piece with simple, direct expression is In Memoriam John Bingham, in which the hints of tonality at the start lead towards a passage with major and minor chords in an elusive relationship, but ending on a clear tonic.
Of the larger-scale pieces, Variations on a Note-row by Ingvo Clauder is by its nature formally clear, despite starting with Var.1 (sounding here like a theme that is developed over the next 6 variations and followed by the Theme with Permutations’), and despite the wide-ranging transformations, with some variations being continuous (or indeed simultaneous with each hand using different material). Other themes are introduced in the ‘slow movement’ (Vars. 8-10), where more consonant chords appear and anticipate a marvellously managed transition to tonality: a quotation from Bruckner.