Still You. You still here

Terje Evensen

8008 • 2010-06-14
Terje Evensen: Still You. You Still here

About the album

Terje Evensen has worked with artists like Nils Petter Molvær, Martin France and Tim Harries, but now for the first time, he has chosen to go solo:

This album has come out of necessity. A strong expression within music and art, has always been important to me and I needed to explore the possibilities and see how far I could go.

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1. Unclaimed Consciousness (Grandma’s old ceramic dish)
2. Beside space/next to (Bowed cymbals & a sizzling snare)
3. Proletarian/In memory of persistence (Rindik)
4. 1978 (Rindik & Wind gong)
5. Maintain/You’re the new museum (Drum kit)
6. Wreck/Lights on-off (Drum kit & a voice sample)
7. Before leaving (Bao gong)