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A new personal and arty form of publishing music online!

The Berlin-based label fonorum has developed its own format of publishing audio works online, the fonorum-netalbum.

It is the logical evolution of the vinyl and the CD in a netbased incarnation by trying to keep as much as possible of the positive features of the vinyl or the CD.

Three essential premises for keeping freedom of art have been in the center of the development of the fonorum-netalbum : space, personality and quality.

  1. Space: ONE WORK PER WEBPAGE One music work gets one dedicated link, which is the equivalence to a CD. It is not part of a network where you can travel to and fro from one work of art to another but a dedicated area reserved for one work only.
  2. Art and individuality: ART MAP Instead of the cover and the booklet, there is an exclusive art map which can be dragged around. The screen, like a peephole, allows the recipient to discover the visual parts of the netalbum such as the music-player, information, making of videos, photos, other content and everything else the artist wants to place there.
  3. Quality: the audio material is not compressed and can be placed in 16 or even 24 bit depth resulting in a high-fidelity experience which compares fa- vourably to the general way of publishing music as mp3 or other similar compressed versions of the original.
    h3. Technische Details:

The Masteralbum is placed online like in a vitrine in a virtual museum.
Working copys for every day life are available at online-shops.
The Art-Map is not only a full replacement of the booklet but, expands the possibilities of expression.
Think of a Map on which you are travelling and discovering the album by moving it around.
A Playlist of works to the liking of the artist, the set is not altered for the sake of practicability but is following aspects of art.
The art-quality needs a technical pendant, therefor the material is offered in 16 or even 24 bit. Compressed files like mp3 is a workaround from the eraly ages of the internet and can be replaced more and more thanks to more bandwidth.
The fonorum netalbum is based on HTML 5 standard and trys to avoid proprietary software. Flash for example is not used.